VE Day 8th May 1945


Document which shows the location of the Forebear's as at 8 May 45


Both VE Day and Victory in Japan Day (VJ Day) are notable anniversaries for the United Kingdom and the World; marking the end of horrific experiences and great sacrifice. 2020 would have marked significant 75th commemorations, which have obviously been adversely affected by Coronavirus 19.

Your local Regiment of London and the South East, The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (PWRR), the Tigers, remembers the sacrifices made by its forebear regiments in the Second World War

  1. Queen’s Royal Regiment:

    1st Bn – Burma (Zalon)

    2nd Bn – India (Jhansi – post Chindit Cols 21&22)
    1/5th – Germany (Hamburg)
    1/6th and 1/7th –Yorkshire, after advance towards Germany, with 1/5th in 131 Bde
    2/5th 2/6th and 2/7th Bns (169 Bde) – Italy - Venice

  2. The Buffs:

    1st Bn -  South of the River Po, Italy
    2nd Bn – Rangoon, Burma
    4th Bn – disbanded after disastrous losses on Leros
    5th Bn – South of the River Po, Italy
    7th Bn - Redesignated as 141 Regt RAC (The Buffs) - Delmenhorst, Germany (Then disbanded)
  3. East Surrey Regiment:

    1st Bn – Italy (Pordenone)

    2nd Bn – Sussex. (Original 2nd Bn still POWs Changi)
    1/6th Bn – Greece (Stilis).
    2/6th Bn - Norfolk

  4. Royal Sussex Regiment:

    1st Bn – Greece thwarting communist party attempt take over the country
    2nd, 4/5th Bns - Iraq and Persia as part of PAIFORCE
    9th Bn - Being flown out of Meiktila back to Imphal to be made ready for Operation Zipper - the amphibious assault on Malaya.

  5. Hampshire Regiment:

    1st Bn – Yorkshire (Helmsley)
    2nd Bn – Italy (Forli)
    1/4th Bn – Italy (Forli)
    2/4th Bn – Greece (Khalkis)
    5th Bn – Italy (Forli)
    7th Bn – Germany (Gnarrenburg)
    11th Bn – Dorset (Blandford)

  6. Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment:

    1st Bn – Greece
    2nd Bn – UK
    4th Bn – Waw, 100 Kms North East of Rangoon, Burma
    5th Bn – Fiesson, Northern Italy
    6th Bn – Ferrara, north of the River Po, Italy
    7th Bn – Disbanded 2nd May 1944, redesignated as 2nd Bn to replace losses in the Dodecanese
    9th Bn – (162 Regt RAC) but retained White Horse cap badge, disbanded 1942

  7. Middlesex Regiment

    1st Bn – Hong Kong and Japan POW
    2nd Bn – Germany (Ems-Weser Canal area north of Osnabruck)
    1/7th Bn – Germany (Alfstedt)
    2/7th Bn – Palestine (Gedera)
    1/8th Bn – Germany (Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven)
    2/8th Bn, Reconstituted 1st Bn 1942 – Germany (Worth, Kuddeworde, Hammoor in Tritau area)
    9th Bn – Holland (Rotterdam, Dordrecht area)