The Regimental Ethos


Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment ‘The Tigers’

The Tigers are a fighting regiment - we thrive on complex, tough operations. We are the senior English Regiment of the Line. We are forward looking, yet fiercely proud of our famous forebear regiments whose fighting spirit and traditions thrive in today’s Regiment.

Our inspirational officers lead by example, forging a close bond with their soldiers, based on mutual trust and respect. This relationship is rooted in a thorough knowledge of their men, honed through arduous training and confirmed in battle. We are supported and encouraged by combat-proven, relentlessly professional and utterly loyal warrant officers, sergeants and NCOs. We rely unconditionally on our dependable, capable and spirited soldiers. Our robust approach combines an informal and light touch with incredibly high professional standards. Comfortable with change and innovation, we are a learning organisation, constantly seeking to improve and educate.

We train hard to fight hard, and pride ourselves on our courage under fire. We are a tight-knit meritocracy and inclusive family regiment of Cadets, Reservists, Regulars and Veterans. We maximise links with our recruiting heartland in the South East of England, whilst encouraging diversity in our ranks. Self-confident yet modest, we are genuinely welcoming to others - developing real bonds of friendship that stand the test of time and conflict.