County Titles


In 1782 county titles were allotted to Regiments of Foot for recruiting purposes, although they retained their numbers to indicate precedence of formation. The Queen’s were not affected, but the title of ‘East Kent’ was added to The Buffs (3rd Foot), the 31st became the Huntingdonshire Regiment and the 70th The Surrey Regiment. The 35th were initially linked with Dorsetshire until Sussex was substituted in 1804, whilst the 50th were associated with West Kent and the 57th with West Middlesex. The 37th and 67th were identified with the County of Hampshire; the 37th became the 37th (North Hampshire) Regiment, whilst the 67th became the 67th (South Hampshire) Regiment. Today the Tigers are the county infantry regiment for London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Middlesex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, and the Channel Islands.