Victoria Cross, Military Cross, GRD Moor


GRD Moor was originally commissioned into the 3rd Battalion of the Hampshire Regiment and in August 1915 was granted a regular commission.

After training in England and Egypt for six months, Moor went with the 2nd Battalion to the Dardanelles and was also at the landing at V Beach at Gallipoli. At only 18 years of age, he was awarded his Victoria Cross on 24th July 1915 ‘for most conspicuous bravery and resource on 5th June 1915 during operations south of Krithia, Dardanelles’. After a detachment of a battalion to his left had lost all of its officers and under heavy Turkish attack, Moor led the men back and recaptured a lost trench. It was said that his personal bravery and presence of mind saved the men from a dangerous situation.

Moor was later set home suffering from dysentery however joined the 1st Battalion in France once he had recovered. Here he was shot and badly wounded in the arm meaning he had to return to Britain. Whilst recovering, he was appointed ADC to Major General W de L Williams in France where he gained his Military Cross and Bar. Moor died of influenza at Mouveaux on 3rd November 1918.