Snuff box, shoe-shaped from Lt Col Douglas Allene (1878)


From Lt Col Douglas Allene (1878)

This shoe shaped snuff box was presented by Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Alleyne to the Officers' of the 37th North Hampshire Regiment in October 1887. The engraving also shows the inscription of 'GOOD BYE and GOOD LUCK!!' We can therefore assume that Lieutenant Colonel Alleyne, presented this item at this farewell dinner on his handing over command of the 37th. It can be seen in the picture of the interior that there remains a small amount of dusty substance. It is believed that this is snuff although no one has volunteered to try it.

Research shows that the snuff container, which has been inserted, appears to be gold, as it is hallmark of London 1878 and the makers mark show it was from Jenner & Knewstub (Frederick Jenner & Fabian Knewstub) 1877 (registered Oct 1874), St James's Street, London. The company was liquidated in 1889 and absorbed into the business of A. Webster & Co at 60 Piccadilly, London.