Six Pounder Anti Tank Gun Second World War


After the Eighth Army’s victory in the North Africa, in 1943 women workers at Quebec Ordnance Factory subscribed together and presented a 6 pounder Anti-Tank Gun with inscribed plates to be given to the Regiment having the best days “shot during” during the advance from Alamein to Tunis.

General Montgomery, commanding Eighth Army decided that the 7th Armoured Division should receive the presentation in recognition of the decisive part played by the Division in the Battle of Medenine.

The Divisional Commander Major General Erskine, selected 1/7 Battalion The Queen’s Royal Regiment as the unit to receive the award and in particular the gun grew of No 5 gun under command of Sgt Andrews . This gun knocked out eight enemy Tanks in the Battle of Medenine and Sgt Andrews was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for this fine performance under his gallant leadership.

Sgt Andrews and his crew did not wish to lose their own gun which had served them so well and in consequence the presentation plates were affixed to their gun.

Examination of the gun will show a bullet hole through the shield on the left of the barrel. This bullet was fired from the turret gun of an enemy Tank. It was deflected by the inner plate and wounded Pte Robertson in the right shoulder as he was kneeling and manning the gun.