The Douro Cup


Presented to the Buffs by Reverend FW Berry.

Although lacking attachment to any direct action in the Peninsula War this piece is a tribute to a member of the Buffs who served, in a notable and trusted position, during this lengthy campaign; that being Paymaster Berry. The Douro is the river that runs through Porto, Portugal. The Douro Cup itself is the 2nd Battalion’s gold gilded silver cup. It has a fine lid and is ‘Campara’ shaped with applied vine leaf decoration and two masked handles. The body has an engraved Buffs badge and is surmounted with a bud finial. This is a very aesthetically pleasing item and is always on show in a prominent position within the Officers’ Mess.

The inscription reads, “Presented to the Buffs by Reverend FW Berry, grandson of MP Berry paymaster 1813.”