The Captain Norman Memorial fruit dish


This fine piece of silver is a large fruit dish on a column entwined scroll and three kneeling figures and is enscribed 57th of Foot and engraved "The Captain Norman Memorial". This piece was presented to the officers of the 57th Regiment as a memorial to Captain George Herman Norman by his father George Warde Norman of Bromley, Kent.

Captain Norman was mortally wounded in the head by a musket ball while gallantly leading his company on the assault at the Redan in Sebastapol on 18 June 1855. He subsequently died on 30 June 1855 in the British Camp before the Siege of Sebastapol. His remains were deposited in the Military Burial Ground on Cathcart's Hill in the Crimea. As an officer he was brave and accomplished; as a son, most dutiful and affectionate. He died in the faithful discharge of his obligations as a soldier and in the service of his country.