“The Fog of War”


Painting by Lieutenant Anson 1935

This oil painting is displayed int the 1st Battalion as a striking piece of graphical art and as a reminder of the consistency of the chaos and confusion that exists in battle.

This oil painting “The Fog of War” hangs in the Officers’ Mess of the 1st Battalion The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (1 PWRR) and is a striking reminder of the consistency of the chaos, confusion and sacrifice that exists in battle. Second Lieutenant Anson's picture has always been popular within the custodian regiments and is the artist’s impression of the fearsome conditions experienced by the 57th of Foot (West Middlesex Regiment) at the battle of Albuhera on 16th May 1811. 1 PWRR inherited the painting from the 1st Battalion The Middlesex Regiment via the 4th Battalion The Queen’s Regiment (Middlesex) and the 1st Battalion The Queen’s Regiment.

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