61 Regimental Marches (Old and New)


The Regimental Quick March is ‘The Farmer’s Boy’ (From The Royal Hampshire Regiment) leading into ‘Soldiers of The Queen’ (From The Queen’s Regiment).

The Regimental Slow March is ‘The Minden Rose’ (From The Royal Hampshire Regiment).

The main forebear regimental marches, which are often played on regimental occasions are as follows:

The Queen’s Regiment
Quick: ‘Soldiers of The Queen’.
Slow: ‘The Caledonian’.

The Queen’s Royal Surrey Regiment
Quick: ‘Braganza’/‘Lass O’Gowrie’; ‘Old Queens’ (Only played in the Officers Mess and never on Parade);
‘A Life on The Ocean Waves’.
Slow: ‘Huntingdonshire’.

The Queen’s Own Buffs
Quick: ‘The Buffs’ / ‘A Hundred Pipers’.
Slow: ‘Man of Kent’.

The Royal Sussex Regiment
Quick: ‘The Royal Sussex’ / ‘Lass of Richmond Hill’; ‘Sussex by The Sea’ (Marching song).
Slow: ‘Roussillon’.

The Middlesex Regiment
Quick: ‘Sir Manley Power’ / ‘Paddy’s Resource’.
Slow: ‘Caledonian’. (Also the slow march of The Queen’s Regiment).

The Royal Hampshire Regiment
Quick: ‘The Hampshire’ / ‘Cork Hill’ / ‘We’ll Gang nae mair to yon toun’.
Slow: ‘The Minden Rose’

NB: The Quick March ‘Viscount Nelson’ is never played following the deaths of seven members of the Regimental Band of 2nd Battalion The Hampshire Regiment, who were killed when playing the tune when the band was blown up at Youghal, County Cork on 31st May 1921. Nineteen others were wounded.