The Second Battalion


The Second Battalion, The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment is an operationally proven infantry Battalion based in Dhekelia, Cyprus. They are currently the Regional Standby Battalion 1 (RSB1), on Very High Readiness (VHR) for potential deployments in the Middle East and North Africa.

Known as The Tigers, their specialism in dismounted close combat and must train to fight in all types of terrain. Fighting on foot, they pride themselves on their physical fitness and the ability to adapt both physically and mentally to their surroundings.

To be ready for operations, they often deploy on Overseas Training Exercises. These can be large-scale battalion exercises in countries such as Kenya or company strength groups in the jungles of Belize, the Jordanian desert or the frozen hills of the Falkland Islands. Members of the Battalion have also travelled to places such as Pakistan, Nigeria, Brunei, Nepal and Korea with training teams or on courses.

As a Light Role infantry battalion, The Tigers are robust, versatile and adaptable. We are constantly training and preparing so we remain ready for anything.

2 PWRR is comprised of three Rifle Companies, a Fire Support Company and a Headquarter Company.

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