The 1st Battalion The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment (1 PWRR) is currently preparing to assume its new role as part of 7th Infantry Brigade. 1 PWRR will remain a light role infantry battalion, which will provide an agile force that will undertake tasks across the globe in support of UK Foreign Policy.

Known as the Tigers, the battalion is made up of three rifle companies, fire support company and headquarter company. As a light role infantry battalion, 1 PWRR is trained in dismounted close combat, fighting on foot in complex environments. 1 PWRR is trained and equipped to undertake the full spectrum of intervention tasks around the world, adapting its force structure based on the needs of the task.

1 PWRR is a flexible and agile force ready to deliver excellence on complex, tough operations. It is forward looking, yet fiercely proud of its forebear Regiments, whose fighting spirit, values and traditions thrive in today's Regiment.