The 1st Battalion The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment (1 PWRR) is currently preparing to assume its new role as a high readiness Armoured Infantry Battalion, as part of an Armoured Infantry Brigade. Known in the larger Army as a Reaction Force, 1 PWRR will provide a force that will undertake short notice contingency tasks and provide the Army’s conventional deterrence for Defence.

1 PWRR will be trained and equipped to undertake the full spectrum of intervention tasks and will provide the initial basis for any future lengthy operation. In essence, 1 PWRR will be the tip of the spear for many years to come.

Known as the Armoured Tigers, the battalion is made up of three Warrior companies, Fire Support Company and Headquarter Company.

As armoured infantry, the majority of their soldiers are mounted in Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicles. This heavy, metal beast is powered by a 17-litre engine and packs a fearsome punch with its 30mm Rarden cannon and 7.62mm chain gun.

In the back of each Warrior, a section of seven highly-trained infantry soldiers sit ready to carry out their mission, be it taking enemy positions, distributing aid or bringing peace to a troubled and war torn land.

As armoured specialists, they are trained to maintain and service the tracked vehicles that carry them into battle, wherever they are, - whether during recent operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan or whilst training in Germany or Canada.