Regimental Family Tree


Regimental Family Tree

This picture shows how The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment was formed, with details of each of the Regiment's Forebears with the year of their formation. It shows that we can trace back our history to the 1572 to the formation of Captain Morgan's Trained Bands of London,

But can we claim that our heritage goes even further?

King Henry V, was the grandson of John of Gaunt, the Duke of Lancaster. A story exists that upon Henry’s victorious return from Agincourt he granted the rose to his Hampshire long bow archers and soldiers to use in recognition of their prowess in the field of battle, is a lovely but entirely speculative tale. It could be that he wanted all his men at arms to carry the same symbol so that they would have been recognizable to each other in the field of battle and that on their return, they were given the honour of retaining the badge. Many of the troops would have been called from the estates in Hampshire where the lords would have had to provide the military assistance as commanded by the king. So the symbol stayed with men from Hampshire. A theory to dwell upon. The Hampshire Regiment has been using the rose as a badge but again the origins of it’s use are unclear.

The above is an extract from the Hampshire History website which can be found here History of Hampshire